Dell distributes its OMSA software in RPM packages and even has a yum repo available so you'd think that updating to the next version would be as simple as yum update, right? Wrong!

You have to remove the old version first, and then install the new version. Oh, and you also need to stop the Dell services, restart ipmi, then restart the Dell services.

Something like this:

yum -y remove srvadmin-* \
  && rm -Rf /opt/dell \
  && yum -y install srvadmin-all dell_ft_install \
  && stop \
  && service ipmi restart \
  && start

One thought on “Updating Dell OMSA on CentOS

  1. And there's more… I also need to remove and re-install the following packages:

    yum -y remove dell_ie_rac_4 dell_ie_tape_prostor dell_ie_tape_ibm && yum -y install yum install  dell_ie_rac_4 dell_ie_tape_prostor dell_ie_tape_ibm

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