My Note 2 recently started apparently locking up/freezing and apparently required powering off to fix it.

Thanks to this post, I discovered that this seems to be a "known" problem with the eMMC chip which is susceptible to "Sudden Death Syndrome"

There is an app to determine if your phone has the chip that is affected, and another app to write data to every area of the chip to "fix" the issue.

My phone now appears to be back to normal.

3 thoughts on “Samsung Note 2 freezing – here’s the fix

  1. For the dummy file method, have you succeeded in making several 2x8gb write without any freeze yet?

    I also found that post and tried the method. Along with all the other solution possible I can find. It is seem now to be a bit better, One thing also they said when you got the freeze, do not hard reset or remove battery as it will make it worst. Just wait for it to unfreeze (2-25 minutes) and hopefully it will get better with each and each automatic unfreeze.

  2. Arnold,

    No, I didn’t make any writes that big – the internal flash is pretty full.

    However, I’ve recently had an OTA update and the device has been stable for some time now.

    Currently on:
    se.infra@SEP-117 #1
    SMP PREEMPT Wed Mar 27 10:33:53 KST 2013


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