This is one of those things that goes to show: it's easy if you know how.

I've got a zfs-based file server (currently using SmartOS) which uses NFSv4 shares. OSX can connect to NFS shares using "Connect To Server" from the finder" using a syntax like this:


I've previously tried to use on my mbp but have never managed to get it to work in a stable fashion.

Then, this evening, I stumbled across the solution:


That's all there is to it – I now have stable NFSv4 connections from my Mac!

6 thoughts on “Mount NFS 4 shares from OSX

  1. Which version of OSX are you using?
    On snow leopard, I’m getting this:
    mount_nfs: sorry, you must specify vers=4.0alpha to use the alpha-quality NFSv4 support

  2. I tried running this on 10.8.4. It doesn’t work. I get permission denied error. Have you experienced that issue ?

  3. I’ve had nothing but pain getting ML to connect to NFSv4 shares. The mount is slow (circa 1 minute to complete the mount command from the terminal) but eventually succeeds. Thence forth the Mac becomes extremely slow to the point that the Mac eventually panics due to a spinlock timeout for some completely unrelated operation. During all this the CPU is practically idle and local disk reads/writes are negligible. There is something very wrong with ML’s NFSv4 implementation.

    The server in my case is a Debian Linux machine to which linux clients connect fast and without any issues.

  4. Worked beautifully for me! Other users could read what I had created but could not delete. chmod 777 only worked for existing files, not new ones. Mounting nfs://vers=4, fixed the issue for my office. Thanks for the help.

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