I was experiencing problems with dnscache not resolving certain domains. On inspection, it turned out to be akamai-hosted domains that were failing. A quick google turned up this thread from 2004 (!), and a little further digging turned up this patch.

I tweaked the patch a little to set QUERY_MAXLOOP to 1000 (original value: 100, value in patch: 160), and rebuilt.

All works just fine now:


[robin@dist ~]$ env DNSCACHEIP= dnsqr A www.cisco.com
1 www.cisco.com:
212 bytes, 1+5+0+0 records, response, noerror
query: 1 www.cisco.com
answer: www.cisco.com 0 CNAME www.cisco.com.akadns.net
answer: www.cisco.com.akadns.net 0 CNAME wwwds.cisco.com.edgekey.net
answer: wwwds.cisco.com.edgekey.net 0 CNAME wwwds.cisco.com.edgekey.net.globalredir.akadns.net
answer: wwwds.cisco.com.edgekey.net.globalredir.akadns.net 0 CNAME e144.dscb.akamaiedge.net
answer: e144.dscb.akamaiedge.net 12 A